Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flickr account deleted ..update!

Just wanted to give a quick update that Flickr finally did take some pity on me and allow me access to my old account for long enough to save my images, yay!!  I've currently got all my old photos back onto my new stream, just working on creating sets now.  Thanks again so much for all the support!!

As most of my friends know by now, my Flickr account was deleted (by Flickr) yesterday, supposedly for breaking the rules and using my stream too commercially.  I did have photos of my latest custom (who is for sale on ebay currently) and had a link to the listing in my profile, as I thought that was allowed.

My account was deleted with no warning or even an email from Flickr, all my photos, sets, everything are gone.  I have written them and I am *hoping* they will work with me somewhat in getting some of my pictures back, at least ones of my daughter, but haven't heard word on that yet.

I will slowly be rebuilding my new photostream.  I think I may have some of my custom work photos on file or in a place they could maybe be recovered, but I know many are lost forever probably:(  Please be patient with me in getting photos back onto my new photostream of my custom work.  I will continue to work on commissions and post commission photos, I will just have to be very careful with my wording I guess.

Though this has me totally devastated, it's also made me realize that I have lots of friends in the Blythe world I cherish very much!  THANK YOU to everyone who has left me kind and concerned comments and messages, it's really helped me a lot!!  Hugs to you all!!

Here's my new photostream:


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