Waiting List

The waiting list is currently being updated. It's been neglected the past year, but I've got a new system in place and would like to concentrate on the people who have been waiting a while. Ive contacted most the people from the old list..if you have not heard from me PLEASE send me an email at: MorganOrton@yahoo.com Some of the contact info I have for some people is old and I'm having a hard time finding some people, so please contact me if you were on the list and would like to be on the new one. The list is being redone because some people may no longer be interested, want to be bumped down lower so they have more time, etc. As soon as I hear back from everyone I'll be posting the new list and will be open to adding new people to the bottom who are interested. As always thank you so much for your interest and the honor of working on your dollies! Thank you!!:)