Sunday, October 23, 2011

*Ebay listing* 

Custom #74 
It's getting colder and the leaves are changing, but this little one is daydreaming of springtime memories...

She is a base doll Primadolly Aubrena Encore (RBL), with the following customizations done by me.. 
  • Alpaca/Mohair blend reroot in shades of sky blue
  • Stock makeup sanded away and given a new faceup with pastels and acrylics 
  • New faceup sealed with MSC
  • Nostril holes and philtrum slightly carved 
  • Lips carved, painted, and glossed
  • Natural sprinkling of freckles across nose
  • Metallic shimmer around her eyes for a dewy finish  
  • Eyes boggled, gaze corrected, and given sleep eyes 
  • Special new pull strings and pull charms including shimmering glass beads, vintage beads, and silver sparrow pendant 
  • Hand drawn flower eyelids, sealed and glossed
  • Bottom part of eyemech painted brown
  • Four new sets of eyechips , which are..
*Front facing: Hand painted brown/black
*Left facing:  Hand painted pale blue
*Front facing:  Smooth purple enlarged pupil
*Right facing:  Lined brown
  • Stock eyelashes removed and replaced with new soft black lashes
Given a quality Licca body (if winning bidder prefers her Takara body, please let me know and she can come with that instead)