Price List

*12/5/11 ..I have decided to increase my commission prices, starting in Jan 2012.  I have purposefully kept my prices as low as possible for as long as possible, but I feel I am not quite being fair to myself by having commission prices drastically lower than what my dolls sell for now on Blythe Kingdom and Ebay (though a commission still adds up to costing less, and I will always keep it that way!).  I'd like to stay competitive in this market, and to pay bills too.  This will allow me to focus more on the commission list, which has been moving slowly these past few months partly due to me needing to also complete a certain amount of other dolls for sale elsewhere to get rent paid ^_^
   *This will not effect anyone who already has a doll at the spa or on the way.
I greatly appreciate your understanding and your business!  Thank you !! <3<3<3

..Faceup (sand matte and all new makeup using both pastels and acrylic + MSC sealed) $110
..Freckles $10 (free if you're only wanting a couple freckles/beauty marks. Just on the nose is $5)
..Lip carving $35 (if only minimal carving is desired price may be lower)
..Dimples $6 each
..Nostril holes carved $10
..Philtrum carved $10
..Boggling $8
..Gaze Corrections $5
..Sleep eyes $5 (I will supply a white pullstring)
..Twiggy pullstrings and pullrings $7
..New eyechips $7.50 a pair (includes price of new chip and installation) If you supply the chips, it's just $2.50 for installation.
..Handpainted eyechips $13 a set
..Removing stock lashes $5
..New eyelashes $8
..Hair Cut $15
..Bangs Cut $15 (if you want both a hair cut and bangs added your total hair price will only be $25 instead of $30)
..Hair dye $25 (this applies to dying stock scalps and dying mohair)
..Saran/nylon streaks added to a stock scalp $25 plus the cost of hair
..Removing hair from a scalp for reroot use  $7
..Mohair/Alpaca reroot $190 plus the cost of hair (Quality hair can either be purchased by me and added onto the cost or can be supplied by you. I can point you in the direction of some good sellers if you need!)
..USPS Priority shipping home $15 for US (includes delivery confirmation, tracking, and insurance) $7 for a reroot by itself.  International prices vary, please ask for international shipping quote.

* After discussing with you what you'd like for your dolly and after we determine which services are needed I will send you an itemized total. 
 *I am sometimes open to trades for other Blythe dolls or sundries, so feel free to ask if interested in that :)

Thanks so much for looking!
If you'd like to be added to the waiting list or have any questions please feel free to contact me via FlickrMail or at