Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hi again!! Updates, News, Changes...

Hi friends!!  Long time no blog!  Actually, it's been quite a while since I've really truly been able to devote the time into my dolls that I'd like to.  In the past six months I've faced many rough bumps in the road of life, some shook me more than I'd like to let on.  But my family and I are finally in a really good place now.. Better relationships all round, new home, and a new sense of gratitude for my family, loved ones, home, and my dolly life too!:)

I'm super excited to get my dolly business back on track, and start making the improvements I've been wanting to make for aaages!  This page will be going through some changes and getting some improvements. And more frequent posts!!  Also the waiting list, which admittedly has been neglected, is getting improved right now.  So bear with me if you are trying to view the list.  I have been working on updating it and contacting everyone on the list. * If you have not heard from me it means I either do not have your current contact information or just accidentally missed you, so please please send me an email at:  MorganOrtonBlythe@yahoo.com

Which reminds me, I set up a new email account specifically for Blythe related things!  Again, that email is...
Please feel free to email me here for anything!  :) 

I've also set up a Twitter account for Blythe related things and updates about commissions, dolls currently being worked on, dolly updates, etc.  I've only *just* set it up so it's bare right now, but please add me if you're interested in seeing future news from me!
Twitter name:   Morgan_Orton

I'm also reopening the waiting list in the next month or two. The list has been slow moving this past year, but I'm working on improving that and making the list get moving a bit more quickly!  So if you're interested in getting on the list please watch out here, my Twitter, or feel free to send me an email just to say you're interested and I'll make sure you get on the list when it reopens!

Last bit of news, I have a special custom in the works who will be available on Ebay, she will probably be listed this weekend.  She's a super cute popsicle themed RBL custom with one of my special Rainbow Sherbet blended reroots in a mixture of blues, greens, purples, and white.  Here's a sneak peak at her reroot... (*reroot only, the doll is just another custom girl who is modeling the hair:)